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Currently, there are dozens of companies offering microbiome solutions: from sample preparations and processing, next generation sequencing (NGS), advanced data analytics, sample storage and others. For a prospective client, it can be complicated and time consuming to find the right tools and providers for a specific project.

  • From our database of >250 microbiome-companies, we cherry-pick the best prospects matching your services
  • We educate about microbiomes, in your company and/or externally
  • We create highest quality marketing content for your target audience

We know, microbiome analysis can be messy and it certainly doesn´t always end with the NGS and 16s rRNA microbial profiling…Surely, your clients need and deserve more! Beyond metagenomics and transcriptomics, microbiome profiling can go even further…ever heard of Culturomics? SCFA Profiling? Metabolomics?

  • We serve as translators who customize needs into workflows and turn prospects into your clients.

Finally, you generated a large set of microbiome-data but not sure how and which critical information can be extracted from it? Landscape of companies and tools for analysis in the microbiome field is growing larger day-by-day…

  • We provide insights ranging from bioinformatics to AI-based solutions and beyond.

CRO or CDMO? Your company is a potential contractor for (pre)clinical studies or field trials for microbiome-based therapeutics or products? You provide manufacturing of the microbiome-based products?

We are happy to see that number of microbiome-based products is rapidly increasing. Clinical or not, all of them need to go through the elaborate studies, get licensed and produced at a desired scale. Demand for “custom manufacturing” is raising and a leadership in the field can be achieved only by acquiring special skills and flexible service offers.

Is your CRO or your CDMO ready for this new age?

  • Together with your organization, we analyze solutions how to extend your business further into the microbiome-space.


Great! We also do!

Maybe together we can find new solutions and fill the missing gaps?

For further details check our service offers and packs and do not hesitate to contact us.